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There are over 1000+ activities to tourist activities for single, couples, lovers, and the entire family. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank.

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With over 10million breathtaking spots for selfies with historic stories. Create your own favourite selfie spots today.

From Abu Dhabi, to Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah & Umm al-Qaiwain to Dubai, so much to do.

in the United Arab Emirates, there are Accommodations for all budget types. Book a Hotel today.

with over 90million visitors at Dubai's airport in 2018, you don't wanna miss summer holiday in Dubai.

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Summer Holiday

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yess ooo 🙂 it’s summer time…

Hi there, it sure is gonna be an unforgettable Summer Holiday this year at the United Arab Emirates Dubai and tourDubai.Club is super excited and honored to be a small part of creating this amazing unforgettable memory for you, your friends, colleagues, business partners, family and loved ones. We’ve got over 100 Summer Packages for you. Summer is more fun when you are kind enough to share wonderful packages such as this with your real and social friends and enemies too and your family members.

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Soul-stirring mountains rival golden beaches, while cities hum with nightlife…
₦800000 ₦750000
A 1 hour long expedition to Burj Khalifa – the…
₦50000 ₦45000
Davido is set to break another world record as the…
₦350000 ₦300000
Experience an unforgettable summer holiday in Dubai. The city has…
₦150000 ₦132500
Experience an unforgettable summer holiday in Dubai. The city has…
₦269750 ₦259750
Experience an unforgettable summer holiday in Dubai. The city has…
₦150000 ₦132500
Enjoy a summer to remember in South Africa with this…
₦236920 ₦226450
Looking for fun, family-friendly places to visit on your South…
₦136920 ₦126920
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"Our first trip to the United Arab Emirates Dubai was truly memorable, thanks to tourDubai.Club" Vickie and Immy from Calabar
"It was indeed a memorable experience. I made new acquaintances and actual friends and eventually developed one of them into a potential business partner" Tina from Port Harcourt
"Hey guys, thanks I got my 2years Freelance Residency visa over the weekend - verified to be authentic, awesome job. Thanks Guys" Frederick Blaise, Gauteng, South Africa
"Okay TourDubai.Club (TDC) is officially the cheapest and fastest Dubai Visa Agent I've met - I got 5 for my clients at N38k each and it was out within 6hours. Insane!" S.O.J. Freelance Travel Agent
"I was told that the visa would take 2-3days but I got mine within 30hours at no extra cost. Thanks Guys" Marianna Loreto
"I had a truly memorable time along with my son and it was an eventful holiday away from the routine. The activities in the personalized holiday package provided brought my son and I closer" The Adekunles Hangout
"Hey thanks Isomo for your 24hours support. I was able to better manage the change in itinerary. I was worried I was gonna have to repay visa, flight n hotel..." Brian John Rios
"I'm still completely surprise that I was able to take my family abroad for a holiday within N1,000,000. This is most definitely going to be a yearly affair." The Chinedu Uba

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