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Migrate to Europe via


One of the smartest ways to migrate abroad is through employment, that way, your accommodation, feeding, and other critical initial bills are taking care of my your employers. This June, our Jobs Club has received requests from 5 companies in Poland, looking to recruit 30 Workers each. No prior experience needed for most of these jobs, while some experience and certification are required for skilled positions. The best part is; couples can also apply and upon settling down in Poland, bring their children in a couple of months.
If you are serious about migrating to Europe this year, then this is a great opportunity for you and your family. Register now for your Poland Job Interview by filling the form on this page, then email a clearly scanned copy of your Passport ID, CV/Resume and White background Photo Passport to Jobs@tourDubai.club. See below for more details.

Poland Jobs
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    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, doc, docx, .
    Or email the required documents to jobs@tourdubai.club
Online & Office


You can either attend the Job Interview online from your location using your Smart Phone or Laptop/Desktop Computer, or you make your way to our Abuja - Nigerian Office for an online interview.

Workers Needed from

All Nationals

This Job opportunity is brought to Nigerians through TourDubai.Club Jobs however nationals of other countries can also apply as the interviews are coordinated online. If you can attend your interview remotely via Skype/Imo Calls.

Monthly Salary

€700 - €1000

Depending on the Job Selection, monthly salary ranges between €700 - €1000 respectively. See Registration Form for the list of vacancies available at the moment.

Additional Benefits Of


All employment offer from foreign employers always includes an employment contract letter with European Work Permit and Accommodation, however depending on the Job offer, it might also include Feeding, Flight Ticket, Transportation Allowance, Health Insurance, to mention a few.

Get Job Offer in

15-22 Days

After your Online Interview with our recruiters from Poland, you'll get feedback within 15-22days depending on the company, positions applied for and if there are no issues with documents sent, upon verification. After the Job Offer, the Poland Work Permit Processing could take approximately 4-8weeks.

Basic Employment


Primarily, all applicants / candidates ought to be members of our jobs club to get full membership assistance. You'll also need a valid international passport, 2 white background photo passports, 1 full picture, an updated CV/Resume, Medical Report, Police Character Report, Vaccination Card, to mention a few.

Estimated Cost of


If you are serious about migrating to Europe through this employment opportunity, you've got to be able to afford your traveling expenses that will not be covered by the Job Offer such as your flight ticket and visa processing. The estimated cost could range between $3200 - $4200. Which is approximately ₦1.1m - ₦1.5m
All applicants must be ready to travel once their respective visas are ready. As members of TDC Jobs Club, no upfront payments are required until results are achieved, confirmed or verified.

European Family


If you plan on migrating to Europe with your family through this employment opportunity, you can but not immediately. You'll need to first settle down before you bring your family members over to join you.

Job Eligibility

Members Only

As a Jobs Club Member, you get access to unlimited employment opportunities in Africa, Asia and Europe just like this Poland Job Interview holding in Abuja. In some cases, the employers come to Nigeria to conduct the interviews in person. Nevertheless you can attend the interview without being a registered member of our jobs club, however only members get priority support and feedbacks.

Registration Fees

₦15k or $50

You can pay your registration fees Online using your debit or credit card, pay through USSD Code like dialing *737#, pay with Mobile Money, pay with Visa Barcode, Pay through Bank Transfers to our Official Bank Account, pay Cash at our office or at the Interview Venue.

Processing takes

3-4 Months

From attending the online interview, to getting your job offer to applying for your Poland Work Permit, to resuming for duties in Europe, the entire processing would take an estimated 8-16weeks.

Candidates Only

Pay After Results

We are result oriented in our approach to assisting you with securing jobs in Europe. This means that as a registered member, you'll only pay for your processing after confirming each milestone achieved and not before.



For further assistance, contact 24hours support.

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