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Members enjoy access to numerous employment opportunities within Africa, Asia, Europe and Canada.
Follow Steps One, Two and Three for how you can register as a Club Member. Upon completion, a background check will be conducted within 24hrs of confirmation and you'll receive your official Membership Certificate within 5days.


First Things First!

It is important to clarify that we are not a Recruitment Agency but a travel club. Our primary goal is to bring access to various travel opportunities to our club members. Part of these benefits includes access to jobs abroad. Every month we receive numerous job offers from employers and recruitment agencies abroad, looking to employ migrant workers from Africa, through a reliable agency that has carried out basic background checks. TDC Club Members always gets priority placements and support before anyone else to desired countries.

Migrate to Europe through employment with - access employment opportunities in Poland and Latvia.

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Choose from over 50+


Including but not limited to; Construction Specialist, Construction Helper, Welders, Carpenters, Steel Fixers, Farm Helpers, General Helpers, Factory Helpers, Masons, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Bellboy, Room Attenders, Room Services, Hotel Receptionist, Kitchen Helpers, Cleaning Port, Waitress & Waiters, Storekeeper, Store Manager, Security (Male & Female), Hospital cleaner, Room Manager, Laundry Manager, Pastry Chef, Hotel Manager, Resident Nurse, Medical Doctor, Cook, Site Supervisor, Electronic Maintenance, SPA Therapy, Music Entertainer, Caregiver & Babysitter, HR Executive, Makeup Artist, Hairdresser, Male Caregiver, Masons / Bricklayers, Building Painters, Shuttering Carpenters, Steel Fixers, Housemaid, Taxi Drivers, Farmers, General Helpers, Wardrobe Organizer, Cleaners, Errand Boy/Girl, to mention a few.

Job Offers are Genuine

We Promise

Yes we get lots of offers from numerous companies and recruitment firms locally and overseas, looking to employ from our list of travelers who are considering working abroad. We only accept job offers from verified employers and recruiters and share genuine opportunities with our club members. Wherever payments are required, that will only be after results are verified (wherever applicable). This way, you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Club Membership has

Major Benefits

(1.) Members Get Priority Access to Numerous Job Opportunities Abroad. (2.) They enjoy discounted offers on all travel products and services from (3.) Have access to 24hours Processing Support from Securing their Job Contract, to procuring their Work Visa, Sorting their Flight Ticket, to Resuming for Work abroad.

Standard Job


You'll need a valid International Passport ID, 2 White Background Photo Passports, CV/Resume and your Credentials. Basic communication skills in English such as an ability to read and write. Medically fitness is critical and a Police Character Report. If you need assistance with this, do not hesitate to let us know, we might be able help.

Usual Contents of

Job Contract

Depending on the employment offer, it may include a Job Contract Tenure, Work Visa, Accommodation, Transportation, Feeding, Health Insurance, etc. An employer can offer a partial or full sponsorship of the processing cost.

Select Your

Club Membership

Presently, we've got 3 Club Membership Types: Jobs in Africa N10,000 | Jobs in Asia N12,500 | Jobs in Europe N15,000. To register for your preferred Club, kindly click the circle below to start. Need help? WhatsApp +971524606637.

Urgent Vacancies

Across Nigeria

One of our recruitment partners in Nigeria get over 50 vacancies in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan who needs Wardrobe Organizers, Personal Shoppers, Housemaids, Cooks, Cleaners, Home & Office Security Men, Drivers, Local and Continental Chef, Laundry Staff, Errand Boys & Girls, etc to fill urgent positions on a periodic basis. Interested?

Let's Answer Your


email or chat with 247 WhatsApp Support.

"Woow, I just got my Employment Letter yesterday via email, asking me to pickup the couriered copy at the office. I don't know what to say - I honestly wasn't expecting this and so fast..." Matthew Odiga, Anambra, Nigeria
"I was faithful to my employers and finished my 2years job contract in Dubai with them, through TDC Jobs Club. Now, I have my Residency so am working for a better Company. Thanks Guys. Sorry for just sending this now." Miss Jessica, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria
"Woow, I just resumed work in Dubai and while been grateful to God for all He has done, I remembered that I hadn't thanked you for everything you have done to make this happen. I will always remember you in my prayers everyday." Mr. Fakunle, Lagos, Nigeria
"I am very very grateful for this opportunity MaidByPhoenix has given me because I know that the N50k I paid cannot cover everything I got like my flight ticket, accommodation, ticket, feeding, health insurance and other things. God will bless you and reward you all. I will not fail you in Dubai." Miss Aduke, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria
"Thanks for everything. God Bless you all at TDC Jobs Club. It is good that there are still good people in Nigeria and true travel agencies. I promise that I will not abuse this opportunity" Mr Amosu, Osun State, Nigeria
"I partnered with TDC Jobs Club and my clients have so far has a happy experience. They got their 2years Dubai Work Visa with a good paying jobs, accommodation, transportation, health insurance and more in Dubai. I've also gotten jobs for clients in Nigeria." Mrs. Veronica, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
"I actually wanted an engineering-related job but settled for a Taxi Driver Job in Dubai and it pays twice what I was earning in Nigeria. Thanks TDC" Farouke Jacobs - Lagos, Nigeria
"When I first heard about TDC Jobs Club, my first response was - they have come again, but I figured it was only N5000 registration so I paid. It was like a joke when I went for my interview and a dream when I got the Job Offer. This is honestly unbelievable." Mr. Babatunde Adewale - Ogun State, Nigeria

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