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Access Sure Jobs in

Dubai UAE

One of the smarter ways to migrate to abroad is through employment. Register online now to be join our Asian Jobs Club and access numerous job opportunities in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, etc, on a monthly basis. A typical Job Offer includes Employment Contract + Work Permit + Flight Ticket + Accommodation + Transportation + Feeding, etc depending on the employers.
If interested, fill the form below, then send your International Passport, CV/Resume (in doc file) and 2 White background Photo Passport to

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The Regular Type of


The type of Job Offers we get from the United Arab Emirates Dubai are Construction jobs, Steel Masons / Bricklayers, Building Painters, Shuttering Carpenters, Cleaners, Steel Fixers, Domestic Workers, Taxi Drivers on a regular basis.

Monthly Salary is

₦70k - ₦500k

Depending on the employer, Job Selection, and Job Offer, the monthly salary ranges between ₦70,000 to ₦500000 respectively. Some employers offers Taxi Driver Job usually include commissions.

Basic Employment


Most Job Offers from Dubai employers includes an contract letter + Work Permit + Accommodation, however depending on the Job offer you get, it might also include Feeding + Flight Ticket + Transportation Allowance (to and from work) + Health Insurance, to mention a few.

Processing takes

3-6 Weeks

Depending on the candidates preparedness (providing all required documents), the entire processing could take a maximum of 60days. This estimated timeframe covers getting the job, procuring the work permit and traveling too resume duties overseas.

Basic Employment


First things first, all candidates needs to be a registered members of our travel club. Other requirements includes; a valid international passport, 2 white background photo passports, 1 full picture, an updated CV/Resume, Medical Report, Police Character Report, Vaccination Yellow Card, to mention a few.

Job Eligibility

Members Only

As a member of our Jobs Club, you get access to unlimited employment opportunities in Africa, Asia and Europe just like the Poland and Dubai Job Interview we hosted in Abuja. In some cases, the employers come to Nigeria to conduct the interviews in person.

Registration Fees

₦12,500 Only

You can pay your registration fees Online using your debit or credit card, pay through USSD Code like dialing *737#, pay with Mobile Money, pay with Visa Barcode, Pay through Bank Transfers to our Official Bank Account, pay Cash at our office or at the Interview Venue.


For further assistance, Call/WhatsApp or email support now.

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Job On Arrival

Get a 3Months Dubai Visa + Accommodation + Job Upon Arrival within 5days from as little as ₦300,000 - ₦400,000. Upon selecting your preferred job in Dubai, the employer changes your 3months visa to a 2years working visa and provides you with accommodation for your entire employment with them. Some employers offers more, i.e. transportation, feeding, health insurance, etc.
This is a great alternative for those who wants a quicker and cheaper Dubai Employment Package that takes care of their basic needs, eventually.

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