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There are over 1000+ activities to tourist activities for single, couples, lovers, and the entire family. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank.

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"Our first trip to the United Arab Emirates Dubai was truly memorable, thanks to tourDubai.Club" Vickie and Immy from Calabar
"It was indeed a memorable experience. I made new acquaintances and actual friends and eventually developed one of them into a potential business partner" Tina from Port Harcourt
"TourDubai.Club (TDC) offers the best Dubai Visa Deals in Nigeria - Africa. Don't take my word for it - go make your findings and thank me later." Victoria Edet, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
"Hey guys, thanks I got my 2years Freelance Residency visa over the weekend - verified to be authentic, awesome job. Thanks Guys" Frederick Blaise, Gauteng, South Africa
"Woow, I just got my Employment Letter yesterday via email, asking me to pickup the couriered copy at the office. I don't know what to say - I honestly wasn't expecting this and so fast..." Matthew Odiga, Anambra, Nigeria
"I was faithful to my employers and finished my 2years job contract in Dubai with them, through TDC Jobs Club. Now, I have my Residency so am working for a better Company. Thanks Guys. Sorry for just sending this now." Miss Jessica, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria
"Woow, I just resumed work in Dubai and while been grateful to God for all He has done, I remembered that I hadn't thanked you for everything you have done to make this happen. I will always remember you in my prayers everyday." Mr. Fakunle, Lagos, Nigeria
"I am very very grateful for this opportunity MaidByPhoenix has given me because I know that the N50k I paid cannot cover everything I got like my flight ticket, accommodation, ticket, feeding, health insurance and other things. God will bless you and reward you all. I will not fail you in Dubai." Miss Aduke, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria
"Okay TourDubai.Club (TDC) is officially the cheapest and fastest Dubai Visa Agent I've met - I got 5 for my clients at N38k each and it was out within 6hours. Insane!" S.O.J. Freelance Travel Agent
"Thanks for everything. God Bless you all at TDC Jobs Club. It is good that there are still good people in Nigeria and true travel agencies. I promise that I will not abuse this opportunity" Mr Amosu, Osun State, Nigeria
"I partnered with TDC Jobs Club and my clients have so far has a happy experience. They got their 2years Dubai Work Visa with a good paying jobs, accommodation, transportation, health insurance and more in Dubai. I've also gotten jobs for clients in Nigeria." Mrs. Veronica, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
"I actually wanted an engineering-related job but settled for a Taxi Driver Job in Dubai and it pays twice what I was earning in Nigeria. Thanks TDC" Farouke Jacobs - Lagos, Nigeria
"When I first heard about TDC Jobs Club, my first response was - they have come again, but I figured it was only N5000 registration so I paid. It was like a joke when I went for my interview and a dream when I got the Job Offer. This is honestly unbelievable." Mr. Babatunde Adewale - Ogun State, Nigeria
"My wife and I visited Dubai for the first time to create a unforgettable experience at the Arab Emirates at a highly subsidized rate, and we had a swell time. Thanks TourDubai.Club - God Bless and Prosper You" Ambassador James & Lizzy Okon (JP)
"I was told that the visa would take 2-3days but I got mine within 30hours at no extra cost. Thanks Guys" Marianna Loreto
"I had a truly memorable time along with my son and it was an eventful holiday away from the routine. The activities in the personalized holiday package provided brought my son and I closer" The Adekunles Hangout
"Hey thanks Isomo for your 24hours support. I was able to better manage the change in itinerary. I was worried I was gonna have to repay visa, flight n hotel..." Brian John Rios
"I'm still completely surprise that I was able to take my family abroad for a holiday within N1,000,000. This is most definitely going to be a yearly affair." The Chinedu Uba
"We signed up for TDC Be SMMRT and have earned ourselves a complimentary holiday to Dubai this Easter with Naija Celebrities. We're super excited and can't wait" Victoria & Evans
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